IKEA Latt table hack

Another fun IKEA project, this time for little B.  She didn’t have a table and chairs set yet, and every time we go anywhere with one, she just loves them!  I wanted to make something unique for her, and could NOT pass up the price of this set, the Latt table & chairs ($29 CAD!).  It was pretty simple to come up with my idea, I went with a grey stain, chalkboard top, coral seats and gold dipped feet.  I may upgrade down the road to a fabric padded seat, I can already tell the paint probably won’t last too long on the melamine. I’m on the hunt now for something that will look great.

I stained everything prior to assembly. The pine took the stain beautifully!  I used the same grey that I did on the dining table Ben made me last year, for someone it showed way darker on this wood. I love it though!

The Website Photo:


I went 3″ up from the bottom and taped off so I could spray paint my gold on. I did 2 coats of paint on the chalkboard and the seat. I suspect I will have to put more chalkboard paint on at some point to freshen it up, which is fine.

I left everything out in the sun to get good and dry before assembly.

The finished product:

Just perfect for my sweet, she loves her ‘big girl’ table!

The rose gold spray paint is this one, it’s gorgeous!! I’ve literally been painting everything in my life gold, I can’t get enough haha

Sensory bead play 

I’ve been meaning to yet some of these for awhile for B to try out. I was at the dollar store yesterday and just happened to walk through the floral department, so I grabbed a couple of jars of flower vase beads (though I would suggest you might look for the version of these intended for kids, like These.

She loved them! I put them in a clear shoebox container and it was perfect! We had to do this outside, since I knew it was inevitable that my wild child would flip the box.  If you had older kids I’m sure yours get more than one use out of them – us, not so much haha. I think these are great for exploring textures, colors, and senses. 

Canada Day Camping

We had a beautiful weekend, camping out near Drayton Valley for the long weekend.  Ben’s family made the trip from BC to join us, as well as many other friends (I think all in we had 10 trailers and 3 tents!).  We love getting outside, as ‘buggy’ as a summer as it has been, spending time with family was especially nice, as we don’t often get to see the BC crew.  Blakely was definitely loving all the extra attention from Aunties and Papa 😉  Having friends with children come along has been a godsend this year, the kids are so happy to play together, and it helps having a little village to sort of look after each other’s little ones.  B is a very busy girl, so we’re always planning activities to keep her entertained.

On long weekend trips, I usually try to get together with the other wives and plan a potluck night – everyone brings a side dish and we all eat together.  it’s always a blast, everyone looks forward to delicious food (and a break from burgers and smokies!).  This time did not dissapoint! We got out for a little bit of fishing too, Ben snagged a 24 1/2″ Pike, among others.  Blakely was really into looking for rocks with me, we brought a few home that I intended to paint for garden markers, maybe a DIY post to come with that?

It always feels like it goes by in an instant, another great camping weekend in the books!